Peter Dulworth
Rice 2020 Math & Computer Science -
6330 Main Street
Houston, Texas 77005
(832) 567-5653


BreviTest Technologies LLC. — Backend Intern

Summer 2014 - 16
Built the backend (using node.js) of a website that connects our product (a rapid, point-of-care device which accurately automates enzyme immunoassays) to both the users and the company.

Rice University Department of CS — Research Assisant

June 2017 - June 2018
Built a python application for visualizing evolutionary diversity across genomes ALPHA: a toolkit for Automated Local PHylogenomic Analyses, that provides an intuitive user interface for phylogenetic analyses and data-viz.

Rice University COMP 182— Teaching Assisant

Spring 2018
Responsibilitiles include: grading, weekly office hours, and assisting students with weekly in class problem solving sessions.


Rice University — Math B.A. & Computer Science B.S.
August 2016 - May 2020


DGEN: A test statistic for detection of general introgression scenarios.

R.A.L. Elworth, C. Allen, T. Benedict, P. Dulworth, and L. Nakhleh, "DGEN: A test statistic for detection of general introgression scenarios." Proceedings of the Workshop on Algorithms in Bioinformatics. Helsinki, Finland, 2018.

ALPHA: A toolkit for automated local phylogenomic analyses.

R.A.L. Elworth, C. Allen, T. Benedict, P. Dulworth, and L. Nakhleh, "ALPHA: A toolkit for automated local phylogenomic analyses." Bioinformatics, 2018 (in Press).


Moodsic: Image Classification — Finalist at TAMU Hacks 2018

Built a web application that takes in an image of the user, classifies it based on their expression using the Microsoft Azure API and recommends a playlist based on their mood using the Spotify API. Built in 24hrs at the 2018 TAMU hackathon using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python and Flask.

Hidden Markov Model POS Tagging

Developed a program to tag each word in a textfile with it's part of speech using a second order Hidden Markov Model and the trigram-viterbi algorithm.


Languages & Technologies: Python, JavaScript, Java, C, C++, NodeJS, HTML, CSS, PHP, (VCS: git, svn).


Math & Science:
Calculus I-IV, DiffE, Lin. Al., Abstract Al., Real Analysis, Modern Geometry, Number Theory.

Computer Science:
140 Computational Thinking,
320 Comp. Engineering,
182 Algorithmic Thinking,
215 Program Design,
321 Computer Systems,
322 Parallel Programming,
390 Computer Science Projects,
496 Cross Training in Data Science.


TAMU Hacks 2018
Won the award for best project by first time hacker and was a finalist (top 7 out of 104 projects) at TAMU Hacks 2018.

VEX Robotics
3x world runner up, 3x math division champion. Ranked #1 in robot efficiency out of over 14,000 teams. 11x excellence award. 25x regional champ., 2x state champ.